4 Things Physiotherapy Can Do for You

Throughout history we have been able to use herbs as a way of helping our body to heal itself. Learn how to grow and make your own herbal medicines.

4 Things Physiotherapy Can Do for You

24 November 2015
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As more people seek out natural alternatives to medication and traditional surgical procedures, physiotherapy is becoming a popular solution for many illnesses, diseases and injuries. The key is to find a physiotherapist that specialises in your particular situation. If you've suffered a sports injury, for example, you shouldn't work a therapist who specialises only in patients with Parkinson's Disease.

Luckily, most physiotherapy centers offer several qualified professionals who can work with a number of conditions, and provide the following advantages.

Individualised Care

Your first visit will consist of a consultation between you and your physiotherapist. They will ask questions about your medical history, primary health care provider and the type of treatment or relief you're looking for. If you've suffered an injury or accident, they will need the details, as well as any X-rays or scans you might have. This allows the therapist to devise an individualised care plan and can work in conjunction with your primary health provider to get you the proper treatment.

Alleviate Pain

Each subsequent visit will entail a number of exercises and movements that will help alleviate pain, increase joint mobility and improve your overall sense of well-being. These exercises can be done at home in-between sessions to keep your joints and muscles from seizing up or cramping. Your physiotherapist will recommend specific exercises for you to do, including the length of each exercise session and number of reps. 

Improve Flexibility

With each exercise and movement, comes improved flexibility. The more you move, the easier it will be. You will be able to bend easier, walk easier and even be able to run after a few sessions, depending on your age and overall health.

A Complete Health Care Approach

A physiotherapist will never tell you to stop seeing your primary health care provider; in fact, they will work with your doctor to coordinate your overall health care plan and treatment. You may still need medication or surgery for your specific condition. Physiotherapy can help you recover faster and get you out enjoying life in less time than without the therapy.

Depending on your health care plan, some or all sessions may be covered so that there is no out-of-pocket expense for you. Talk to your doctor to find out what your options are. Some clinics may have payment plans. You may find that you want to continue treatment even after you're injury is completely healed. This is a great way to be proactive with your health, while keeping your joints and muscles active.

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