Throughout history we have been able to use herbs as a way of helping our body to heal itself. Learn how to grow and make your own herbal medicines.

What You Should Know About Remedial Massage

11 April 2016
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If you are having difficulty with body pains and ailments, you might be considering massage therapy. Remedial massage therapy is different in other forms of massage in that it isn't just for rest and relaxation, but can help with various types of physical conditions. Here are some things to learn about remedial massage so you can decide if this is a good option for you.  The Conditions It Helps With Read More …

4 Things Physiotherapy Can Do for You

24 November 2015
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As more people seek out natural alternatives to medication and traditional surgical procedures, physiotherapy is becoming a popular solution for many illnesses, diseases and injuries. The key is to find a physiotherapist that specialises in your particular situation. If you've suffered a sports injury, for example, you shouldn't work a therapist who specialises only in patients with Parkinson's Disease. Luckily, most physiotherapy centers offer several qualified professionals who can work with a number of conditions, and provide the following advantages. Read More …

4 easy ways to boost the wellness of any child

28 October 2015
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Parents are always concerned about making sure their children stay well. The human body is an amazing instrument, and with the right care it can perform impressive tasks, from running long distances to performing complicated mathematical equation through to writing poetry. Here are some natural ways to make sure your child stays healthy and fulfill their potential. Eat a balanced diet If your child is a picky eater, it is easy to get concerned about them. Read More …

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Using herbs as a medicine

Throughout history we have been able to use herbs as a way of helping our body to heal itself. I feel that this natural healing is much healthier for people and the earth than constantly relying on pills and chemicals. Getting some balance back in our life through natural health care helps to stimulate our immune system and make us more able to deal with the ongoing challenges of viruses and germs we face everyday. This blog is all about how to grow and make your own herbal medicines at home, so that you can start to take charge of your health care.